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As a tool for property owners and other real estate investors, evictions have an important function. Evictions allow you to remove delinquent tenants so that you can rent out your units. However, evictions are also a highly difficult process, and the law can be complex.

The skilled legal team at Barrett Daffin Frappier Turner & Engel, LLP, is experienced in evictions and can help your company maintain your property’s profitability. The firm’s dedicated and diligent lawyers offer clients highly valuable insight into their legal problems. The firm serves commercial and residential landlords in Addison and across Texas, as well as in California, Colorado, Georgia, Arizona and Nevada.

Eviction Law Is Different Everywhere

Pursuing residential or commercial evictions comes with challenges that are hyperlocal. There are laws at play at every level, from the national down to the city or town level. Understanding these laws makes a massive impact on your ability to successfully remove nonpaying tenants.

The skilled Addison eviction attorneys at Barrett Daffin Frappier Turner & Engel, LLP, work diligently to stay informed on all the relevant eviction laws at all levels of government. They offer a global overview of your situation and the issues at hand and help you take the appropriate actions to maximize your profit.

Additionally, the firm can provide legal assistance to you in any kind of landlord-tenant dispute, not only evictions. The lawyers have a global understanding of the high-stakes issues that impact their clients.

The CARE Philosophy In Evictions

The firm’s standard philosophy guides the attorneys’ level of service to both commercial and noncommercial property owners. By adhering to the stated principles of CARE, the firm’s legal team keeps you in the loop on all the issues at hand and diligently pursues the outcome you need in your case.

Evictions FAQ

Even experienced landlords can have questions about the eviction process in Texas. Read on for answers to some of Addison landlord clients’ most often asked questions.

How Long Do Tenants Have To Take Legal Action After An Eviction?

After a tenant refuses to comply with a Notice to Vacate, their landlord can file an eviction lawsuit. They must properly serve the tenant with notice at least six days before the court date, which will be at least 10 days and no more than 21 days from the date you filed the suit. During that time, the tenant has the right to file an answer, and they can show up to the hearing to contest the eviction action.

What Are Some Legal Options When The Tenant Refuses To Leave?

An eviction lawsuit is the usual next step after a tenant refuses to leave after receiving a Notice to Vacate. A successful eviction suit gives you the right to ask the court for a writ of possession. Executing the writ of possession means that sheriff’s deputies leave a notice at the property giving the tenant 24 hours to vacate. They then come and remove the tenant and their possessions from the premises if necessary. An eviction lawyer in Addison can help you minimize the time and expense that can come with evicting a tenant.

What Are Some Common Misconceptions About The Eviction Process?

One common misconception is that landlords have the right to remove a tenant’s belongings from the premises as soon as the date on the Notice to Vacate passes. In fact, the tenant and their belongings cannot be forcibly removed until the landlord receives a writ of possession, and then only under the supervision of a sheriff or constable.

Another popular myth in Texas is that a landlord must always give a tenant 30 days’ notice before starting eviction proceedings. For a breach of the lease, such as nonpayment of rent, state law only requires 72 hours’ notice. And the terms of the lease may reduce or waive that 72-hour notice period and substitute a shorter one, even 24 hours.

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