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Effective Debt Collection Services From BDF Law Group

Commercial debt collection is a highly risk-adjacent area. If creditors take too aggressive a stance, debtors may file a lawsuit; if creditors are too lax, they may never receive payment. There is a balance there that a skilled lawyer can help you navigate.

The team of experienced attorneys at BDF Law Group, provides a full range of debt collection services to companies of all sizes. From its office in Addison, the firm helps businesses across the Houston area and throughout Texas, as well as several other states. The legal team pursues debts effectively, minimizing the financial or legal risks to clients.

Companies Deserve Payment For Services Rendered

The key aspect of collections is the simple recognition of the economic process: debtors must pay off the debts they accrue. Creditors have every right to diligently pursue the debts owed to them, and they are allowed several options to do so:

  • Self-help: This includes letters, contacts and reminders to pay off a debt. Typically this is the first step in the debt collection process.
  • Replevin: You may take possession of an item you hold the deed for to recover for a delinquent debt.
  • Attachment: You may take possession of the title or deed of the property.
  • Court-based action: You can use the court system to pursue debts under certain circumstances.

The right approach for your case will depend on your needs, how you perceive the issues at hand, and how the firm’s lawyers can build a strategy around that.

Frequently Asked Collections Questions

Below are answers to some of clients’ most commonly asked questions at BDF Law Group. If you have additional questions, you can call and schedule a meeting to learn more.

What is the difference between commercial collections and consumer collections?

Commercial collections are generally focused on collecting on unpaid or outstanding debts between businesses. Consumer collections, by contrast, normally target individual debts which were incurred for personal purchases, such as a car, furniture or other financed household items.

Can commercial collections target an individual?

In most cases, commercial collections do not target individuals, however they can if the individual is liable for the business that incurred the initial debt, depending on how the business is structured. If the business does not provide personal liability protection to the members of the company, then they may be held liable for the debts of the business as well and a valid target for commercial collections.

Is a collections attorney necessary to collect on a commercial debt?

Many companies will turn to a collections agency first but will hire an attorney once they realize that the collections agency will only use basic measures to pursue collections. Template letters and robo-calls are the common tools of this industry, but a collections attorney will pursue a customized strategy that relies on the legal process to obtain payment. A collections attorney can file a lawsuit to obtain payment for the debt you are owed with the option to obtain a judgment and give you the ability to enforce it against your debtor.

Personalized Attentive Service

BDF Law Group has offices across the United States that provide commercial collections services, including California, Georgia and the headquarters in Addison, Texas. Clients can find the solutions they need to collect on unpaid business debts. The firm submits wholly to the philosophy of Communication, Attitude, Respect and Effectiveness, or CARE. Its attorneys live by these principles and take every step to ensure your solutions meet the standards you deserve. Reach out to get a meeting by calling 972-688-6895 or send an email using this form.