Comprehensive, Cost-Effective Legal Services For Creditors

Skilled Attorneys Guiding Your Company’s Collections Efforts

Companies have a host of legal needs around debt collection that require attention. Not every business has a fully-fledged collections department or even needs one. What every company needs is guidance on the topic of securing their rights as creditors.

BDF Law Group, offers extensive consultation and solution services to clients across Texas from its Addison office, as well as nationwide from offices in California, Colorado, Nevada, Arizona and Georgia. The firm’s attorneys provide insight into the debt issues facing companies and help them manage them for the future.

Where You Are

The team at BDF Law Group, will look closely at your current systems for debt collection. The lawyers will provide you with clear, actionable feedback on your situation. They will:

  • Advise you on current practices of debt collection
  • Alert you to any liabilities
  • Guide you to thorough protection services.

Once complete, you will have a total assessment of your debt handling needs, whether you use foreclosures, evictions or litigation.

Where You Could Be

The lawyers of BDF Law Group, provide a complete picture of where you are and then compile a list of suggestions to help you define your debt collection solutions. Debt resolution is a complex matter, and when you don’t have a plan in place, you end up losing a great deal of money.

All the legal professionals on the team at BDF Law Group, put time and effort into helping your business consolidate its collections and foreclosure practices into a strong, working plan. You get to have more control over this vital part of your business, as well as the confidence that comes from working with an experienced, respected firm.

CARE Makes A Difference

Prevention is always more effective than resolving, and that’s exactly where BDF Law Group, begins. The philosophy of Communication, Attitude, Respect and Effectiveness guides the firm’s actions on your behalf. The attorneys take every step available to solve your problems before they start.

Reach out to the firm to find out more about this dedication by calling 972-688-6895 or sending an email.