Comprehensive, Cost-Effective Legal Services For Creditors

Skilled Guidance In Debt Collection And Litigation

When a debt collection action moves to litigation, creditors of all sizes are placed at financial risk. Debt litigation ideally should help lenders secure the loan payments that are owed to them. Unfortunately, litigation also means there is a chance that your collection efforts will falter.

At BDF Law Group, the dedicated team of creditor’s rights lawyers has extensive experience with debt collection methods and litigation. Since 1990, they have provided highly attentive service, guided by the CARE philosophy. The firm works diligently for creditors in Addison, across Texas and nationwide, whether they are investors, financial institutions and mortgage companies.

Advocacy For Your Priorities

The single most important asset for success once a debt matter goes to court is a skilled advocate. The attorneys at BDF Law Group, have the legal knowledge and attitude necessary to effectively pursue debt litigation issues in such areas as:

  • Financial services
  • Commercial loans
  • Title curative
  • Probate

Whether you are a creditor, you represent the estate of a deceased individual, or you lead a mortgage company seeking to resolve defects in a title, the attorneys of BDF Law Group, have the experience needed to help you.

Helping You Through Negotiation Or Litigation

In most cases, your efforts are more effectively served through an out-of-court action. However, the team of attorneys at BDF Law Group, includes many seasoned litigators with a long track record of success in negotiations.

If your case ends up in front of a judge, the team will take every available action to help secure the results your team needs to move forward. They are also here to answer your questions.

Providing You With Answers

The team at BDF Law Group has answered many questions about business and commercial litigation over the years. Before you meet with them for the help you need, they have taken the time to answer some common questions here:

Do I need a business litigation attorney?

Even the most seasoned business experts can agree that commercial and business litigation is an incredibly complex and time-consuming matter. Even those who might be able to resolve their own litigation needs would have to sacrifice a considerable amount of time that could be better spent elsewhere. Your business litigation lawyer can act on your behalf through your case to uphold your best interests, gather documents and resources to bolster your claim, and handle the needs of your case so you can focus on your business.

What qualifies as a breach of contract?

Whether someone has accused you of breaching a contract or you beleive another party hasn’t fulfilled their obligations, your lawyer can confirm if a breach has taken place. A breach usually consists of one side in a contract agreement failing to perform their obligated duties, acting in a way that prevents another party from performing their duties, or explicitly stating they have no intention of fulfilling their obligations.

How can I prepare to meet with an attorney?

If you plan on meeting with a lawyer about your business or commercial litigation needs, there are some measures you can take to help things start on the right foot. If you have any signed documents, court papers, recordings, videos, emails, texts, photos, a summary or timeline of events or any other relevant factors of your litigation case, bringing them can help your attorney get up to speed faster.

Attentive. Direct. Strong.

Some of the most important qualities to look for in an attorney are their ability to communicate with you and their strength in the courtroom. The team at BDF Law Group, has an established reputation as effective litigators and can help you with your needs.

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