Comprehensive, Cost-Effective Legal Services For Creditors

The Firm’s Philosophy

Choosing the law firm you want to do business with can be complicated, especially when dealing with sensitive matters relating to creditors’ rights. You want to make sure your business goes to a firm that stands behind its clients and operates on principles you can respect.

The dedicated attorneys of BDF Law Group, provide insight and diligent representation to companies of all sizes, from national banks to smaller regional mortgage companies. Operating in the Houston area since 1990, the firm has grown to offer creditors’ rights services to companies in many other states, including California, Arizona, Georgia, Nevada and Colorado. The firm’s goal is to provide clients with dedication and care in a variety of dire financial issues.

You can learn about our legal and support staff on the Our Team page.

Creditors’ Rights Representation

At BDF Law Group, the practice is devoted to resolving the most difficult matters for clients: receiving payment for services. The lawyers have an understanding of the most effective legal method of debt collection and how to handle bankruptcy obstacles. The firm’s attorneys have decades of experience in such issues as:

In addition, you can count on highly experienced attorneys to handle any need, especially if it rises to litigation issues.

The BDF Law Group, Standard Of CARE

Where BDF Law Group, stands apart from other creditor’s rights firms is the attorneys’ dedication to a high level of client service. The firm’s philosophy revolves around CARE for clients, or:

  • Communication: Your attorney stays in constant contact with you, informing you of your case’s progress as well as any potential issues in the near and long-term future.
  • Attitude: Your attorneys take a hard line against your problems. Whatever the issue you face, the attorneys of BDF Law Group, can take it on.
  • Respect: Your attorney treats you with the honesty and directness that you deserve. They take your problems as seriously as you do.
  • Effectiveness: The legal team has a track record of success and is ready to take on any problem ahead of you.

These principles are the foundation for the quality of service that clients across Texas and the rest of the U.S. have relied on again and again.

Trade Associations We’ve Worked With

Our attorneys have a history of working closely with trade associations. Here are some of the more well-known organizations we’ve collaborated with in the past:

Answering Your Questions

The firm provides extensive consulting services to clients to answer their questions about customized legal approaches to difficult debt collection problems. Reach out today at 972-688-6895 or send an email using this form to schedule your meeting with a skilled attorney.