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Attorneys Helping Creditors Respond To Debtor Bankruptcy Actions

Bankruptcy is a key strategy for consumers to use when they can no longer afford the debts they’ve accumulated. This raises a specific set of difficulties for companies, which can impact their bottom line. Skilled, dedicated legal representation can provide you with the information and representation you need to make wise business decisions.

The attorneys of BDF Law Group work with large listing companies and smaller private institutions that are creditors in bankruptcy proceedings. They work with clients in Addison, across Texas and throughout the country, pursuing concrete methods to secure their clients’ financial priorities for residential, commercial and automotive loans in bankruptcy. The firm’s high standard of service stands out as a major benefit to clients across the country.

How The Firm Can Help You With Loans In Bankruptcy

Typically, a loan in bankruptcy, such as a mortgage or car loan, is a secured debt. This means that you have the right to repossess the property purchased by the loan if you do not receive payment. Additionally, secured loans gain preferential treatment in bankruptcy proceedings.

In these instances of secured loans in bankruptcy, the lawyers of BDF Law Group represent the institution. They make a case for the share owed to you in bankruptcy court, addressing issues including:

  • Objections to discharge
  • Proofs of claim
  • Adversary proceedings
  • Post-petition financing
  • Debt reorganization

Additionally, car loans, home mortgages and commercial property loans often end up in different chapters of the Bankruptcy Code. Car loans and home mortgages are handled under Chapters 7 and 13, while commercial loans may be a part of Chapter 11.

No matter the chapter of bankruptcy used, the team at BDF Law Group has the experience and insight to find a resolution for you. Your rights as a lender are extensive and deserve the protections the law can provide.

Answers To Common Questions About Creditors’ Rights In Bankruptcy

If your company or institution hasn’t had to deal with debtors in bankruptcy very often, you may have questions about your rights and obligations. Some of the common questions are answered below.

Do I need to abide by the automatic stay?

Yes, you do. Anytime a consumer files for bankruptcy, the court issues an automatic stay that ceases all collection-related activities and communications. This is not a permanent stop, but rather a pause. You do not want to risk penalties or legal liability by violating a court order. Instead, use this time to contact your own attorney to discuss options and next steps.

What recovery options do I have as a creditor with an unsecured claim?

Unfortunately, unsecured debts (those not backed by collateral) are given much lower priority in bankruptcy than secured claims are. That being said, you can participate in the bankruptcy process in an attempt to reclaim at least some of the debt you are owed. Available actions include:

  • Reviewing the bankruptcy paperwork to ensure there is no inaccurate information about your business or the debts owed to it
  • Attending the first meeting of the creditors
  • Filing a proof of claim and filing an objection to the proposed discharge of debt

In a Chapter 7 filing, most unsecured debts are simply discharged. If the debtor files Chapter 13, your debt may be included in a repayment plan, but there is no guarantee the debtor will be obligated to repay in full. Although your options seem limited, it is a good idea to discuss your case with an attorney to determine if there are additional options relevant to your particular claim.

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